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Small Business Solutions

iConnect provides great Internet Phone Business Bundles and Business Plans with the best cost saving rates.

Expand your Small Business and cut your phone bill!

VoIP Global Calling Plans

Business Calling Plans  
Need to connect employees at remote offices or working from home? Need a Call Hunt group between several work sites? Need an Auto Attendant to route calls through your office? No problem!

Business VoIP Hosted PBX offers an enterprise level phone system, available on a per-line basis. Grow as your needs change, you can always add more lines.

Single Line Package  
Name Auto Attendant Phone Adapter Inbound Minutes Outbound Minutes Overage Cost Monthly Price Activation Fee  
Unlimited Monthly No Included Unlimited 5000 $ 0.02/min $ 39.95 $ 0.00 VoIP Global Calling Plans
Multi-Line Packages  
Name Auto Attendant Number of Extensions Phone Adapter VoIP Edge Router Inbound Minutes Outbound Minutes Overage Cost Monthly Price Activation Fee
Hosted PBX
No Contract
Included 1 Included No Unlimited 5000 $ 0.02/min $ 54.95 $ 25.00

  Hosted PBX
12 Month Contract
Included 1 Included No Unlimited 5000 $ 0.02/min $ 54.95 $ 10.00

To order a multi-line package or if you have additional questions about our Business Products, please contact our sales staff by clicking here. Service packages can be purchased with up to 50 lines, prices vary.
Multi-Line Addons and Upgrades:  
Direct Inward Dial (DID) $5/month per DID. A DID is an inbound-only number that can be attached to any extension within your PBX.
Additional Extension $25 Activation Fee with no contract or $10 with 1 Year Contract, then $14.95/month per Extension.
Toll-Free Number $5/month per number, plus $0.04/min. A Toll-Free Number can be attached to either your main number or any extension within your PBX.
Voicemail Only $5/month per mailbox. A voicemail box with no phone, excellent for remote employees or general mailboxes.
Executive Extension $19.95/month per number. An executive extension has its own DID and CallerID for incoming and outgoing calls but still reachable by extension.
Business Phone Upgrade $10/month per phone. You can upgrade the standard phone adapter to a Linksys 942 SIP Phone. Also available for purchase at $120 each.
Call Hunt Group $25 Activation Fee, no monthly cost. A Call Hunt Group rings a pre-defined set of extensions in order until the call is answered or forwarded to voicemail.
Additional Outbound Minutes $17.50/1000 min. Purchase additional minutes in quantities of 1000 to upgrade the amount of outbound minutes included with your PBX package.
Automatic Call Distributor An Automatic Call Distributor routes calls to employees logged into a call queue. For more information, please contact a Sales Associate at (888)607-6937.

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